Take a Listen to ‘Devotion’ by Youryoungbody

Take a listen to the new record from Youryoungbody, Devotion, below!

Killian: “I think mainly the fusing of goth and horror culture with music and themes that were popular when I was a kid [inspire me]. Growing up listening to Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, and Marilyn Manson, while at the same time I had an Eiffel 65 tape and a Now That’s What I Call Music 5 CD. Witch house will always be a big influence on the atmospheres of the tracks, because that’s where we started from in this project. More recently, I’ve been digging harsher hardstyle tracks and groups like ic3peak.”

Duh: “I used to have a CD player in my parent’s garage where I would listen to Kylie Minogue and pretend I was some fabulous pop star. Killian and I really connected when we both were talking about owning Now That’s What I Call Music albums as kids. We were listening to “All Around The World” by ATC on Now 6 and it all just spun from there.

We really dug into our past for this musically and personally. I spent a lot of time sneaking out and going to raves. We wanted that energy to be felt in Devotion. The nervousness and excitement of a sweaty club when you’re sixteen and doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing. Devotion is also highly personal for me, since I get a chance to confront my abuser through ‘Intentions’ and process the slow death of a relationship. This album really came together through our devotion, and that’s probably where the album got its name. We also just liked the way the words sounded.”

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Youryoungbody are a darkwave electronic duo from Seattle, but they are also a force of nature, a midnight keening, a danceable dirge. Propulsive and unwieldy, each new track they drop lays the groundwork for the next generation of underworld art, utilizing the whispers of a gathering storm to give life to a tortured, synth-laden pop pulse.

Starting with chillingly tender lullabies in their first two EPs, Hashira and Betrayer, YYB has since moved on to tumultuous melancholia with their upcoming album, Devotion. This departure from brooding pop majesty has allowed YYB to pursue an even darker sense of free-floating uneasiness, as if the listener is suspended in ice that has been electrically charged.

Devotion was written by Killian Brom and Duh Cripe, produced by Javier Garavito, mixed by Javier Garavito, and Killian Brom at End of Saints in Seattle and mastered by Randy Merrill (Grimes, Lady Gaga, Adele, Imagine Dragons) at Sterling Sound’s Edgewater location, in NJ.

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