Video Premiere: Teiger – ‘Splinter’

London natives Teiger debuts the music video for its newest track “Splinter.” The song is one of the rising star’s most popular tunes off its new album, which was recently launched at The Underworld in London.

“’Splinter’ juggles multiple time signatures and unconventional sounds,” the band says. “While the lyrics are code for an explosive secret project, perhaps a well-intentioned mission to blow up the sun.”

The band describes the song as its “most visual track” an element reflected in its beautifully shot music video.

“The conceptual depth of the story telling has always been a talking point, and the music brings one of its interpretations to life,” the band continues.

The music video drops at an opportune time. Teiger will soon embark on a tour across the U.K. in support of the new album. It culminates with an appearance at the Cambridge Rock Festival in August.

Check out the band’s socials for ticket information.

Photo courtesy of Teiger

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