News: Cobra Skulls Rerelease ‘Eat Your Babies’

Originally self-released in 2005, Cobra Skulls have brought back their classic Eat Your Babies record, out June 12 via Red Scare. They chatted with us about why they chose to rerelease, and why now.

“I think we had been together for a few months when we recorded this in 2005,” the band explain. “We recorded it in a few hours, really, in Reno.  I believe we made 500 copies that were available at our shows so people on the West Coast had it and knew it, but, it was never really available digitally.

“Once they were gone, I think we were getting ready to record Sitting Army, and by that time, we thought the Eat Your Babies demo (or EP, or album, depending on your standards) was pretty shitty, so we never really wanted to re-release it. Over the years, we’ve had some requests for it to be re-released, and so I’ve finally broke down after many hours of begging from Toby Jeg, and here it is. Gives an idea or how our sound started out, if you’ve never heard it before.”

Preorder the album here. 

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