News: Singer-songwriter Sara Bug Unveils New Single ‘The Beholder’ From Forthcoming Self-Titled Debut Album

Taking influence from country greats like Dolly Parton, New Orleans-raised, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Sara Bug has a natural gift for melody and her music strikes a great balance between the emotional openness and immediacy of her peers.

Bug has now unveiled her latest single, “The Beholder,” taken from her forthcoming self-titled debut LP, out May 14 through Egghunt Records.

Listen to “The Beholder” below:

“The Beholder” follows Bug’s other pre-release singles: “Rosebank,” “Die With You,” and “Lotta Pride.”

The ten songs on Sara Bug’s forthcoming self-titled debut album were not meant to be shared. A culmination of seven years of her life, these songs were journal entries that reckoned with defining herself.

Growing up in New Orleans, Bug imagined herself to be a successful songwriter. “I was so deep in the music. ‘Oh, I’m going to be a famous musician. When I get out of high school, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to go have a career in music,’” she explains. “I think I held on to that for so long, I had finally kind of let go, like that pressure. Now it was just fun.”

After moving to Nashville in 2013, the pressure of perfecting a craft in a notoriously famous city for honing musical skills only added mountains of stress. “I thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be awesome. I’m going to be around other musicians all the time, it’s going to be inspiring and force me to work harder on my music.’ It kind of had the opposite effect for me unexpectedly,” she admits. 

“It feels hard sometimes to do your craft and your thing in a real way without feeling super judged or feeling if you’re not at a certain level your art doesn’t matter. And honestly, that’s part of the reason I kind of grew apart from the idea of even making music at all. I didn’t like the pressure in Nashville that I felt when I first moved there.”

This eponymous project embodies Bug’s journey away from the expectations of others and her younger self, allowing her creative freedom.

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