Playlist: One Square Mile South Bay Punk Bands

John McCree of Hermosa Beach hardcore punk band One Square Mile is sharing his favorite songs by bands that have emerged from the iconic South Bay punk scene. The scene is renowned for being the early stomping grounds for bands like Descendents, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, All, Pennywise, etc.

Listen to the playlist here.

John McCree shares his thoughts about the songs with a few lines:

Pennywise The Secret Hometown favorites constantly bring catchy, powerful songs.

Too Rude, Local Dub Dog boy, telling stories about the locals being priced out of this small beach town before it became a full-blown reality.

Black Flag “Police Story” is a classic punk anthem by Black Flag that denounces police brutality and sheds light on the oppressive nature of law enforcement.

Toys that Kill brings nostalgia to moments with Times we can’t let go.

98 Mute Hb Local favorites hitting you to the head with Breakdown.

Smut Peddlers keeping it hard with Dope Fiend.

Prop 13 shows everyone that change is good.

War Called Peace: My hometown is a Yuppie Ghetto.

Black Flag showing up Wasted.

Spider pulling all the stops with Tripwire.

One Square Mile shows you only One Way.

Chaos Delivery Machine Straight up killing it with Underground Thought Patrol Burn Motherfuckers Burn!!!

Deviates Great Anthem from the Boys. My Life

1208 Falling Apart

ALL Amazing songwriting. I wish these guys were still playing every girl I’ve ever hated was just a monster I created.

Descendents, I’m not a Loser.

Smut Peddlers Another great song, Fuck You, that’s why!

One Square Mile Dead in the Sun.

Saccharine Trust preaching that We don’t need Freedom.

Fired wants to start a Catfight.

Circle Jerks, I’ve got the World up my ass.

Dondo Poser Dez Cadena and the boys in Dondo are old-school Fire.

Pennywise Bro Hymn Tribute to fallen friends that may be gone but will never be forgotten

One Square Mile were formed in 2017, and their name comes from the city of Hermosa Beach, which covers one square mile of land. The band are influenced by many iconic punk and hardcore bands who came out of Hermosa Beach and the South Bay. Yet, the band create their unique sound which can be heard in their debut LP, The System, and the newly released EP Source of Suffering.

One Square Mile


Vanessa Kaylor Phillips – Vocals
Terry Davidson – Drums
Todd King – Bass
John McCree – Guitar

Upcoming Shows:

12-9-23 Starboard Attitude with Hard Rooster Redondo Beach, CA
12-16-23 Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA (with Agent Orange with Romans Weirdos)
12-17-23 The Corbin Bowl with Public Nuisance Tarzana, CA

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Photo courtesy of One Square Mile

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