Playlist: Summer Years’ Nick Lanari Shares his Summer Anthems

San Diego’s Summer Years are gearing up for the release of their upcoming EP You Can’t Live There Forever, sharing their new song “This Light” alongside a music video.

And, fitting for the band’s sunny home town and seasonal name, guitarist and vocalist Nick Lanari shared some of his favorite summer anthems curated into a playlist filled with throwbacks fitting for the warm weather.

Up And Go – The Starting Line
If this intro doesn’t get you hyped, I have no words for you. Picture me in the crowd at a Starting Line show losing my voice from screaming every word.

Reckless Abandon – Blink 182
Charge the pizza to the house. Anyone else have a summer or two filled with Reckless Abandon? Yeah. I’ll just leave this here.

The Boys of Summer – The Ataris
This one may be a little obvious, but come on. I need to state that this whole dang album (So Long, Astoria) is summer-worthy as heck. This may be the greatest punk cover ever assembled (or cover, for that matter).

Makes No Difference – Sum 41
This is hands down the deepest cut on the list and I am not sorry about it. Listen to it; watch the video, and tell me it’s not a gash dang summer bop. I dare ya.

It’s Been A Summer – New Found Glory
See Title.

Wrecking Hotel Rooms – MxPx
Featuring Mark Hoppus on the chorus. This song is so special to me. The summer vibes here are eternal.

Lavender Bones – Stand Atlantic
When I heard this song (and this band, for that matter), I could not stop listening. As lovesick summer jam as it gets.

Empty House – Neck Deep
This one has been on a heavy rotation for me all summer. If I close my eyes, I can picture myself in a huge mosh pit at an outdoor festival and everyone losing their mind to the chorus to Empty House.

Five Becomes Four – Yellowcard
I saw Yellowcard play this at their final Warped Tour. Two days in a row. Two words: Circle. Pit. Needless to say, it is embedded in my pop punk id that this is a summer anthem for life. (Google id if you don’t know what that means.)

The Drama Summer – The Starting Line
See title pt. II


No One’s Gonna More – The Dangerous Summer
This is the kind of song I can’t help but blast at full volume with all my car windows rolled down.

Let It Happen – Jimmy Eat World
The laugh after the chorus is the absolute best part of the song. But actually the whole thing is the best part.

Shoutout Jordo.

Summer Fling, Don’t Mean A Thing – New Found Glory
See Title 3.0

Jokes aside, how relatable is this song?

Back Home – Yellowcard
“Back Home” for me is Oceanside, CA. Another day in sunny California is my reality manifest, and that’s how it will always be. I can’t help but think of the Oceanside Pier when I listen to this song.

Shy Guys – Seaway
The boys in Seaway could be camp counselors of the most pop punk summer camp ever.

Where Do We Go When We Go – Neck Deep
Flashback to Warped Tour 2017 seeing Neck Deep perform this. Everyone crowd-surfed. That is not an exaggeration. The Warped nostalgia is real.

Keeper – Yellowcard
Closing out the playlist with an absolute lovesick summer ballad to rule all ballads. This song got me through one of the roughest summers I’ve had. Thank you Yellowcard.

Check out the playlist in full here:

For more from Summer Years, find them on Facebook and Instagram. Photo courtesy of Summer Years

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