Premiere: Arc Flash – “Earls”

Part of the beauty of music is the image it gives to the place it comes from, and vice versa; how could one think of San Francisco without reflexively reaching for the ubiquitous catchphrase ‘Bay area punks,’ or speak of Bruce Springsteen while refraining from mentions of Asbury Park and the working-class Jersey inclinations that are as integral to his legacy as his records. It’s in our nature to associate the two, even if it’s an incongruous romanticization of both art and geography. We like to tell a good story.

Surely when you think of the American Midwest, flash-fuzz dorm-room indie-punk wouldn’t spring to mind. But Arc Flash, a pair of lo-fidelity, hi-energy punks from Lawrence, Kansas, are here to give you a new take on their hometown. Drummer Mark Rockwell and vocalist/guitarist James Thomblison are releasing their debut record, Carbon Copy, on March 31 via High Dive Records. Carbon Copy comes after years of frenzied pavement-pounding, a process they capture in messy, vital glory on record: “We definitely kept a lot of little bits of chaos that crept into parts of the recording,” they explain. “Transitioning from a three piece with bass to the stream-lined two piece was a real game changer as well. We’re much more free to experiment with structure, the ‘freak-outs’, tempo changes, and such.”

Before that happens, they’re unleashing, “Earls,” a two and a half minute blast of gravelly, bouncy fuzz-pop. With surf-twinged signifiers of early Wavves and brash guitar melodies sprinting in unison with telephone-receiver vocals, it’s a succinct, obscenely catchy dose of jangly, punk-spirited sweetness. It sounds like Arc Flash are carving out a new sound for Kansas to call home. Or vice versa.

Pre-Order Carbon Copy here

3/1 @ Front of House Lounge – Springfield, MO
3/4 @ Daytrotter Downs – Quad Cities
3/5 @ Cafe Berlin (True/False Fest) – Columbia, MO
3/11 @ House Show (KSDB 91.9 FM) – Manhattan, KS
3/16 @ Soundpony – Tulsa, OK
3/18 @ Backspace – Fayetteville, AR
3/23 @ Treefort – Boise, ID
3/28 @ Blind Tiger – Kansas City, MO ~
3/29 @ Cafe Berlin – Columbia, MO ~
3/30 @ Oleavers – Omaha, NE ~
3/31 @ Replay – Lawrence, KS [ALBUM RELEASE PARTY] ~
4/1 @ The Octopus – Cedar Falls, IA ~
4/2 @ Hexagon Bar – Minneapolis, MN ~
4/7 @ Love Garden – Lawrence, KS [ALL AGES ALBUM RELEASE SHOW] ~
4/8 @ Mills Record Co – KCMO [ALL AGES ALBUM RELEASE SHOW] ~
4/11 @ FOAM – St. Louis, MO ^
4/12 @ Cafe Berlin – Columbia, MO ^
4/13 @ Front of House Lounge – Springfield, MO ^
4/20 @ Oleavers – Omaha, NE *
4/21 @ Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA *
4/22 @ Uncertainty Fest – Ames, IA *
4/23 @ The Mill? – Iowa City, IA *
4/24 @ Moeller Mondays – Rock Island, IL *
4/27 @ Cafe Berlin – Columbia, MO *
4/28 @ Replay – Lawrence, KS *
4/29 @ FOAM – STL *

~ w/ Condor & Jaybird
^ w/ Howardian
* w/ Dressy Bessy


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