Track Premiere: Baby Shakes – ‘Nowhere Fast’

Baby Shakes are back and excited to announce their brand-new record, Cause a Scene, out September 20.To get you ready, they just dropped the first official track from the record, “Nowhere Fast.”

“This song is about a very narcissistic, self-serving social climber falling back down to their place on the ladder,” the band explain.

Cause a Scene nails their redux so hard, it busts through the wall to something new. Having perfected their punch-pop, they slip in surprises for longtime fans while creating a now-times power pop classic for the previously un-shook. “Nowhere Fast” is a great opener, replete with a verse just as catchy as the chorus. Snotty but sweet. Sweet but cynical. You might think you’re on top of the world right now, but the power and drive behind this rocker will knock you down a couple pegs.

Keep an eye on their Bandcamp for a preorder link coming soon. 

Photo by Alexander Thompson 

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