Track Premiere: Bike Thiefs – ‘Hockey Dad’

Bike Thiefs are happy to present their brand new track, “Hockey Dad,” to give you a little sample of what these bike thieves are up to.

“‘Hockey Dad’ is about a friend dealing with drug addiction. It’s heartbreaking to see how polarizing, and frankly exhausting, the experience for them (and the people that surround them) can be. They vacillate between feeling like they’re king shit of asshole mountain or a has-been hockey dad trying to hold on to any semblance of past success. You watch as the drugs at times give them the confidence to spin plates and hold court in crowds of strangers. At other times you watch the crippling anxiety start to dig paranoid foxholes into the middle of their box-spring.

“It feels like a tired topic, but there’s an opioid crisis in North America, an inordinate amount of high-functioning alcoholics, and people being hand-fed pharmaceuticals as a band-aid solution to an incomprehensible depression. Maybe not a new idea, but maybe that’s why it’s still important.”

Comprised of bassist Kris Pandierada, drummer Andrew Fasken and guitarist/vocalist Marko Woloshyn, Toronto’s Bike Thiefs absorb music as quickly as one would expect from a group of millennial audiophiles. Pandeirada cut his teeth producing hip hop beats in his basement; Woloshyn holed up in his room wringing the ink out of Leonard Cohen sheet music, and Fasken immersed himself in the world of 2000s punk rock, booking shows and playing in a handful of hardcore bands.

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