Track Premiere: Cathedral Ceilings – ‘I’m A Band’

Cathedral Ceilings make fast, loud pop songs, and they are returning to form, following the release of last year’s “Thanks for the Guitar, Mommy,” with their followup, “I’m A Band,” out now.

The band aim to make pop punk fit for today’s modern age. Their origins date back several years, as the members practiced together, often half-writing songs and figuring out their artistry as a group.

Two of those songs make up this second single release from Cathedral Ceilings, “Hamilton Circuits” and “Over the Far and Hills Away,” put their style on full display and instantly hook the ear.

Ralphie Malanga, guitarist and vocalist, wrote both songs and spoke to each of them. He says “Hamilton Circuits” came from a math term he remembers from college.

“I was a math major for a bit, but couldn’t get past differential equations because I’m an idiot. But I love the idea of a math rock song that’s not ‘math rock.’ I mean, Nicky and Tommy could do math rock, but I would just get lost and bored.”

He said “Over the Far and Hills Away” was a dig on Led Zeppelin title-wise, though the son has nothing to do with them.

“I’m just telling the vibe I get from The Smithereens’ ‘Behind the Wall of Sleep,’ which described obsession in the coolest way. The title is there to cloak the fact that I don’t do obsession as well as Pat DeNizio. But I make fun of Led Zeppelin with the best of them.”

To order “I’m A Band,” check out Cathedral Ceilings’ Bandcamp. Stream the new project below:


For more from Cathedral Ceilings, find them on Instagram and Facebook. Photo courtesy of Cathedral Ceilings.

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