Track Premiere: Cleric – ‘All Death Unseeing’

Cleric are proud to announce their new album Serpent Psalms out October 25 via Redefining Darkness Records in the U.S. and Raw Scull Recordz in Europe.

“The idea behind ‘All Death Unseeing’ is the invocation of Ahriman,” says the band. “To cast all light into the void and to pull back from the void all that is darkness. Aurally, the song was a nod to Asphyx, Carcass, Death Breath, and little Candlemass. It’s a ritual of old musically and spiritually.”

Recorded by Garry Brents (Phobia, Noisear) and mastered by the band’s Chris Richardson, Serpent Psalms—from a production standpointis an ode to Stockholm. The band’s sound is nothing short of Scandinavian-bred fury cultivated through un-repenting, Americanized death metal. The album’s nine tracks are pure carnage, and no one is left in their wake. (Side note: check out the killer cover art by Jason Barnett [Petrification, Power Trip])

Preorder the album here. 

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