Premiere: Deathcave – Smoking Mountain

Seattle-based doom/sludge trio Deathcave will release their Smoking Mountain debut this Friday via Satanik Royalty Records. 


DEATHCAVE’s Smoking Mountain – A Track-By-Track Investigation

Death Cave: “The first song (and first single) is about our own personal ‘death caves,’ The darkest, internal places that hold all of our fears, self-doubts, failures, sorrows, and what it’s like when one goes into a deep place and can’t get out.”

Last Breath: “This is a somber and ambient song about a great mountain’s death. The echoes of this tragedy are felt throughout the land, especially by all who rely upon its wisdom.”

The Road: “This song takes the listener into a dark domain where suffering and misery overcome them. This is an analogy for existence while facing endless obstacles on the road. The end is the inevitable demise of every living soul. This song features guest vocals by Dave Verellen (Botch, Narrows).”

The Seer: “This is an interpretation of a shared memory, twisted and set amidst a meeting between wizards, the Lizard King, and the Seer. This meeting takes place amongst the elder trees, where it is revealed that all their times draw near. The Seer councils them to not mourn for their death, but instead rejoice in the magic that is their life. This song features guest vocals by Andrea Vidal (Holy Grove).”

 Poison Wizard: A heavy and personal song about the Wizard’s departure from this realm. We lost an incredible light when [Black Breath’s] Elijah Nelson passed away last December. This song was co-written by Freiburger and one of Elijah’s former bandmates, Neil McAdams. This song features guest vocals by Neil McAdams (Black Breath, Vacuum).”

Preorder the album here. 

Photo courtesy of Immortal Affliction photography

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