Album Premiere: Jail Weddings – Wilted Eden

Jail Weddings’ newest record, Wilted Eden, is out today via Tru-Vow records. Check out their first album in five years right here!

Wilted Eden begins cinematic, but with what almost sounds like a closing credits theme—the title track is apocalyptic folk at its most definitive, as Hart’s own minor chord three-part harmonies bring to mind The Byrds soaring over Death In June. It quickly ramps up with the driving rocker, “Do Anything You Want To Me,” a dare of absolute surrender that feels likeThe Smiths’ rhythm section backing up Steve Wynn.

“Nowhere” is the full-tilt, cowpunk, barn-burner of the record, calling up ghosts of The Gun Club sharing a carnival stage with Freddy Cannon. Don’t let the sweet title of “Face of Kindness” fool you, as it contains one of the more blue double-entendres on the album. “Blood Moon Blue” is pure, unnerving ecstasy, wailing feedback over Lynchian twang like Rowland S. Howard fronting a lounge-lizard exotica act.

“Skin Invocation” is a sexual revolution in just under  six minutes where singer/bandleader Gabriel Hart duets with back-up singer Mary Animaux, both of them seeing the athlete of pleasure in everyone before guitarist Anthony Cozzi dogfights with Hart’s sax to climax.

And, if you’re still on board until the very, very bitter end of what has proved to be a very loaded album, “Love Me Like I’m Dead” will give you a nine-minute, stark testimony of just how far this once-in-a-lifetime, genre-thrashing band has come. If, that is, you haven’t already run for the hills yourself…

Check out the album even more on Soundcloud. 

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