Track Premiere: Jon Patrick Walker – ‘Watchoo Gonna Do’

Jon Patrick Walker is dropping a new track, “Watchoo Gonna Do,” out October 25 on Welcome to The Edge Times. 

A highly respected actor for 25 years, appearing on Broadway (most recently playing King George to raves on the national tour of Hamilton), on Television and in Film, JP made the leap into songwriting and music-making in 2013.

Welcome to the Edge Times, his third LP, is his most personal and intimate record, comprised of solo recordings made while on the road with Hamilton as well as in various places he’s lived over the last several years (London, Brooklyn, Los Angeles). The ten original tracks, steeped in the 70s singer-songwriter tradition (Nilsson, Paul Simon, Joni, Dylan), address universal themes of love and of the human condition and the challenges facing us at this critical juncture, but they are also infused with humor and wit and above all the joy of music-making.

“Whatchoo Gonna Do” is storytelling at its finest, following lovers lost at sea, only to be swallowed up by a whale and dropped off at the nearest beach. While traveling in their personal whale, they find time to cook up a feast, take naps, make love, etc. 

“I wrote and recorded this on tour with Hamilton when we were in Florida. It’s kind of a fable-type song.” About the varying levels of feat, Walker says “the narrator is the one who is worried, frightened, questioning, and the woman is incredibly chill, going with the flow, taking it all as it comes. Her constant refrain is ‘What you gonna do?’”

We know what we’re going do. We’re going to pick up Welcome to the Edge Times on Friday. You can preorder it here. 

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