Track Premiere: Keon Masters – ‘Got 2 Luv It’

“There’s starting over and there’s starting over,” says Keon Masters, “and I’m very fortunate that I’m enduring the prior and not the latter.”

Having been with his band Brave Baby for the greater part of a decade, Keon Masters is gearing up for the release of his solo debut “Many Thanks.” A smooth and spazzy pop gem of eight tracks that clocks in at a cool 28 minutes. “I never really wanted to go ‘solo’ but here I am, and I think it’s pretty dope.”

“The 29-year-old resides in Charleston, SC, the south eastern coastal hub to many artists and musicians alike because of it’s bohemian, no-car-required, lifestyle. Many Thanks is an emotional, sarcastic, and humorous record that finds beauty in the mundane and is not afraid to poke fun of itself. It is very much a look into the brain of a man in his late twenties, managing the reality that college was a long time ago; 40 isn’t too far away; marriage is hard, and debt is very real. The album is indie-pop by nature, but is saturated with sampled drum breaks, glitchy synth hooks, groovy bass, and a slight penchant for the acoustic guitar.”

Grab the record here. 

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