Track Premiere: No Time For Reason – ‘Reviver’

New boys no Time For Reason are ready to make an impact and assert themselves solidly with their debut single,”Revivier.” 

Although the band are new, the members are not lacking prowess when it comes to putting on a show. Fronted by David Stoker, No Time For Reason hit the scene hard at the beginning of the year playing some packed venues and headline slots around the North East. The outfit, also consisting of Charlie Philp (lead guitar) and Henry Poxon (bass) have years of experience between them and have worked hard to hone their sound both live and in the studio, turning it into into the polished outfit it is now. 

“Reviver” is short and punchy and delivers exactly what the band is about in just under three minutes. The band is made up of heavy guitar riffs with a distinctive structure that has been drawn from pop, rock, and EDM influences all tangled together with melody lines that are impossible to forget.

Stoker says that “Reviver” follows a story from a crazy gig when he met an amazing girl that he can’t take his eyes off. She’s that one person that’s taken his breath away, and it’s driving him insane. The song instantly teases you with its soft-but-attitude-riddled melody, then hits you hard with a quicker, raw, rock vocal before crushing you with a killer hok, “Be My Reviver.” 

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