Track Premiere: Original Sharks – ‘Anniversary Water’

Original Sharks’ new record, Masthead, is out December 6 as a self-release. Check out their single from Masthead, “Anniversary Water,” and get stoked for the full release.

“The songs are definitely more or less what we’ve been doing—up-tempo, to-the-point, and over before we can even tell the difference between what’s the hook and what’s a transition,” the band says. “But, like anyone else writing songs with pals, you try to make them new and different—so hoping people who’ve checked out prior releases will see it that way and that new listeners will dig it as well.”

Original Sharks are releasing their new song, “Anniversary Water,” the second single off the band’s upcoming EP Masthead, which will be out December 6. Masthead was produced and engineered by Jon Markson of Taking Meds/Such Gold and marks the band’s first record since their 2017 release, Hundred Grand to the Man.

Preorder the album here. 

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