Album Premiere: Peanut Butter – ‘Don’t Stop’

Peanut Butter’s latest record, Don’t Stop, donates proceeds from its sales to EG Justice, an organization dedicated to protecting the human rights of the people of Equatorial Guinea.  The album is out now via Golden Egon.

“Being in a band is just about the best thing,” the band says. “Getting to memorialize that experience with a record is even better. Lots of friends played a role in this, but the drums on the record stand out. The record is a showcase for David Diaz whose grooves and melodic playing show his creativity, and a feel for songwriting might be the best thing the band has going for it. If that wasn’t enough, the peerless Devin Ocampo (‘A Bird’) and Renata Ocampo (‘Slow Retreat Too’) each sit in on drums for a song, which is still a little hard to believe.
“We will also do anything to support our friend Tutu Alicante and his organization EG Justice (,” the band continues. “The only human rights group focused only on Equatorial Guinea. Equatorial Guinea is a country on the west coast of Central Africa that has been ruled by the repressive regime of Teodoro Obiang since 1979, longer than any living dictator. Equatorial Guinea is one of the largest oil and gas producing countries in Africa, but for decades, the proceeds of that extraction have primarily enriched the Obiang family and oil companies including ExxonMobil and Marathon Oil. At the same time, the people of Equatorial Guinea do not enjoy basic civil liberties; only half the population has access to useable water, and almost 80 percent of its people live in poverty despite their countries extraordinary natural resource wealth. So, online proceeds for Don’t Stop will be donated to EG Justice to help support Tutu’s work.”
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