Track Premiere: Reed Stewart – ‘Invading My Space’

Reed Stewart just dropped a new song, “Invading My Space,” from his forthcoming album, Mallet, out October 4.

Reed Stewart is a Nashville-based drummer/composer who draws on a wide array of musical influences from Thundercat to Nine Inch Nails to Louis Cole; he is a “musician’s musician.” His upcoming record, Mallet, features condensed electric-rock songs that catch easily and evaporate slowly. Though classically trained as a drummer and percussionist, Stewart wrote every track and performed all components, vocals, bass, and keyboards, as well other instruments. He uses electronic, synthetic, and analog sounds on Mallet, resulting in a fluid sound that evokes the constant fluctuation of his childhood, as he moved 11 times before the age of 18.

“Too many times, I get a claustrophobic feeling or crowded from people’s negativity, projections, and thoughts,” he says.
“‘Invading My Space’ is in anthem for deflection. People unknowingly project their own beliefs /mindset/negativity on you.  This song is an anthem to deflect all of that wshile catching them in the act. ” The chorus of the song is meant to celebrate the individual and one’s own unique thoughts.”

Hear more on Soundcloud.

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