Track Premiere: Reveries – ‘Find Me’

Reveries just released a new track, “Find Me,” out now as a single via Cardigan Records.

Reveries emerged in 2016 from Walla Walla, Washington. They’re an atmospheric shoegaze band that borrows sounds from all “post” genres. Reveries consist of vocalists/guitarists Jonathan Avila, Jesse Flores, and bassist Jose Zaragoza.

The three were no strangers to each other. All of them played in bands together before Reveries. After the breakup of their previous band together, Hung Up, Avila and Zaragoza went on to join Rookie Town. The band later moved to Bellingham, WA with Zargoza and Avila staying behind.

Years later, Avila contacted Flores and they began writing dreamy, heavy, and noisy pop songs. After being asked to play a local show, they still needed a bass player. That’s when they asked their long-time friend Zaragoza to join the project.

After a year of playing local gigs, they finally sat down to record their self-titled EP, Reveries, which they released in April of 2018. The EP resonated within the Shoegaze community, grabbing the attention of several respectable music blogs and radio shows and in 2019, they joined the roster of Cardigan Records.

“The beginning of the song was created around a binge listening of Weezer’s self-titled Blue Album and listening to the heavy riffs that are buried underneath the pop sounds,” says Avila about the new track.”Lyrically, the song is about self-reflection—to recognize failure and take a step back to see how to become a better person for yourself first and foremost and those around you.”

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