Album Premiere: Rival Town – Useless Hands

Rival Town are dropping their new record, Useless Hands, this Friday, October 4, and you can hear it here first.

Useless Hands is sort of a collaboration effort with a lot of different people,” the band says. “It features work from some old members, newer members, and all the originals guys. We knew we wanted to try something a bit more aggressive with these release. When Mike joined the family, it definitely gave us a push to see how far we could push ourselves without changing the core elements of why our fans and friends like Rival Town.

“Thematically, Useless Hands deals with a lot of hardships the band faced over the last couple years. A few of the members dealt with loss of their family or had close calls. Other members dealt with some other heavy life changes. All these experiences shaped a lot of our writing lately.

“We feel like it’s our most mature release so far. If fans take anything away from it or feel like they can relate to our stories, that’s all we truly hope for from this album.”

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