Song Premiere: Rob Dickson – ‘Why Can We Not Stop?’

“Why Can We Not Stop?” was written in its entirely during the week of the U.S. federal election in November 2016, the same week Leonard Cohen died. “I remember hating the bandwagon of negativity that I was seeing across social media at the time,” Dickson explains.

“However cliche, I found myself, along with many of my friends and peers, in the darkness of the early winter, wading through lakes of emptiness and frustration. In an abstract way, this song became a clear path forward that I perhaps naively accepted in exchange for my feeling of hopelessness at that time.

“The arrangement was a musical departure for me with its blend of classical guitars, strings, and synthesizers rather that my typical folk and indie rock instrumental approach. I chose to separate it from my 2018 full-length album Looking Through Your Window, because I felt that it was more of a contained statement that was stronger on its own.”

The song was performed by Mika Posen (Timber Timbre, Merganzer) on violin, Jona Barr (Old Cabin, Death In Venice) on synthesizers, and myself on guitar and vocals.

The artwork was created by Paul Henderson of Toronto, a piece titled Exhausted Before we Began.
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