Track Premiere: Rory – ‘Sarah Tonin’

Ranier Tinkelenberg has spent years playing in various bay area bands—but it’s never quite felt right, until now. Rory is the raw, unabridged emo voice of mid-20s doubt and unspent potential. With influences ranging from Death Cab for Cutie to Copeland, from Dashboard Confessional and Moose Blood to Motion City Soundtrack, Rory’s music aims to form a unique sound combining emo anthems with the synth happy bands of the 80s and ‘actually happened’ lyrics to present a viscerally emotional journey.

The band’s first single, “Okay,” (May, 2019) was accompanied by a quirky, low-budget style, mock rap music video with an overwhelming amount of praise and excitement. Since then, the band has started playing live shows and just released a second single, “Sarah Tonin,” on July 23 with a follow-up music video on July 30.

Ranier on “Sarah Tonin”:

“The song title was originally named ‘Physical’ as a placeholder while recording iPhone memos in my house. I didn’t have any lyrics yet, so the instrumentation was just my focus point for a while. The lyrics came to me at a house party I was hosting where a friend of mine was hovering around me too long and didn’t catch that I wanted to be alone for a bit. I was getting more anxious and frustrated. After many failed attempts of trying to get away, I finally just locked myself in my room to try to write what was going on.

“Now known as ‘Sarah Tonin,’ the lyrics started forming, and a story was molded from it, being a fun little pun derived from the actual word ‘serotonin.’ It was changed to the name to bring a double meaning to the song. The song is basically about my emotions getting enhanced in certain settings and situations which result in panic and anxiety attacks. As someone who suffers from these constantly, I hope this song can resonate with audiences who also suffer through these traumatic experiences. Because, sometimes we just can’t have nice things that make us feel some sort of happiness, and it just sucks to have to deal with shitty situations 24/7.”

Buy the track at their Bandcamp. 

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