Track Premiere: School Drugs – ‘Nervous Eyes’

School Drugs just dropped a new track, “Nervous Eyes,” from their forthcoming record, Modern Medicine, out September 27 via Indecision Records.

“Nervous Eyes” is written from the perspective of someone far too apathetic to leave the house. The first thing asked, “is the world still there?” is said with only a touch of sarcasm. Our narrator is well aware that the world is still spinning, people are still moving, living, and breathing. However, he doesn’t feel that their eyes are watching him anymore.

There’s a certain longing in the line “is there a world to see? is there more to life than shitting and breathing?” followed by the question “should i give it a try? should i? should i?” The character is stuck between his sarcasm and sincerity. As it continues, he knows the gift that each day is supposed to be, but fails to see any difference between the present and the monotony of every day past. Simple joys throughout the day are attempted, to be kicked in the final breakdown of the song. With the speed increasing as the threatening tone and anger accelerates along, it feels like the apathetic side of life finally won.

“‘Nervous Eyes’ was one the first songs we wrote together with this lineup of the band,” School Drugs say. “It has elements of influence from every member in one way or another. The lyrics deal with the self-isolation we put ourselves through to block out the constant barrage of shit life throws at us. We tried to express the feeling of depression and anxiety that occupies those moments.”

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