EP Premiere – Skux – Kudis

Skux are stoked to premiere her new EP, Kudis, out  August 23 . Their  upcoming release is a public service announcement to wake up, stop complaining, action your concerns, and conquer your goals while not taking yourself too seriously, or those kudis will find you.

Exploring several different genres of punk, from the heavy stuff to the nods to nostalgia, the EP is about expressing angst, love, carving your own path, and defeating those dang kudis who’ve created an epidemic of haters that have infected our minds and the world.

Skux is the alter ego of Ayisha Jaffer in her new, emerging project that was spawned musically from a love of punk and a life-long admiration of the riot grrl movement. The material was co-written with Dan Walker of The Death Set, and Jaffer performs live with her band between New Zealand, New York, and everywhere in between.

Snag the album on Bandcamp. 

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