Track Premiere: Timelost – ‘Heart Garbage’

Timelost are proud to present “Heart Garbage” from their latest record, Don’t Remember Me For This, out October 25 via To Live A Lie Records and Golden Antenna.

“This survivor of a song was almost cut from the album for being a pain in the tush, but we fukkin love this one now,” the band says. “Has one of my favorite beats on the record! Unfortunately, it’s about following your heart and being let down. And finally, being disturbingly surprised by someone you thought you knew … whether that someone was you or another. I hope that doesn’t sound too poetic or anything, because we weren’t in our right minds writing this one. It was a fucked time, and this is what we ended up with.
“The video is a live compilation put together by Mike Englisis of film from our first live gig ever (shot by Nick Fantazzi of Prema and Christ fame) and NYC’s Frank Huang,” he says. “Behind the scenes, it was one giant hangzone and major Preschool vibes, trust me. Look out for the sticker for proof.”
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