Track Premiere: Wet Tropics – Tragic Accidents

Chicago noise savants Wet Tropics are releasing their new single “Tragic Accidents” on August 30 via Still Chill Records. You heard it here first!

“Tragic Accidents” begins with a familiar, early 2000s dark, melodic, yet industrial feel. The strained vocals of John Rejba and beautifully toned melodic build up come crashing hard down you in one fell swoop to open up a basement rock jam that will leave you wishing this was part of an album.

Wet Tropics is no longer a one-man power group, comprised of John Rejba (Boys Life, The Farewell Bend, Rare Animals): it’s grown into something more after recruiting Krystal Smith (drums) and Justin Watt (bass). A handful of songs written just to have fun, with a simple philosophy of letting it rock and a devil-may-care attitude, have turned into a dancing blizzard.
What’s grown into “something more” had humble beginnings. Reiba, being a bass player, had a yearning for a more creative outlet and decided to take his destiny into his own hands. Why not sing and play guitar and do things his way? With no agenda, no rules, and no idea what he was doing, he crafted a few songs on his iPhone. He chatted with friends Joe Gerdeman and Dustin Currier in late 2016, and they decided to cut some demos in the New Year to see how the songs would turn out. After sharing them with friends, the three decided to post the demos online, and Wet Tropics was born.
Bowing out due to other commitments, his demo-mates urged John to carry on. It was simple to recruit his new crew. They needed only two qualifications: love to have fun and enjoy the songs. Enter Watt, who stuck his foot in the door and planted a flag. Smith came in like a hurricane and flat-out said, “I wanna be in this band.” There you have it: a power trio. What’s next for Wet Tropics? Plenty of touring, proper studio recordings, and more releases.
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