Sheer Mag Announce New Album

Sheer Mag just dropped the news of a brand new record, A Distant Call, out August 23 on Wilsuns RC.

“We’ve been waiting to write these songs since we started the band, and we were able to take these experiences and build a story out of them,” notes frontwoman Tina Halladay.

The album verges on being a concept piece, and the protagonist resembles Halladay herself. The songs document a particularly alienating time in her life when she was laid off from a job. Broke and newly single, her father (with whom she had a fraught relationship) passed away, leaving her with more wounds than felt possible to heal. The album’s lead single, “Blood From A Stone,” kicks off the narrative of the album proper. It flashes back to Tina’s life from a few years back and sets up the arc for the rest of the record.

Purchase the album here. 

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