Single Premiere: DEAD/Nunchukka Superfly – Split Seven-Inch

DEAD are a heavy music duo out of Djaara Country, Castlemaine, Australia, and they’re gearing up for the release of their upcoming album Burn Us Clean that they’re putting out on We Empty Rooms Records in March, the follow-up to their 2022 progressive punk-metal record The Laughing Shadow.

For DEAD, they’re looking at this new record as their version of a pop album. “We’ve never been a radio band but insist our songs are full of melody—so we decided to write a pop record, a whole album of singles that could, in theory, be played on the radio,” the band explain about the upcoming record. They promise a lot of fun out of the new album, but explain that, “For us ‘fun’ usually means biting off more than we can chew and pissing off someone in the process.”

All through January, they’ve been premiering singles off of Burn Us Clean in a very unique way: as a series of split seven-inches with other bands. Each seven-inch will be featured in a pressing of 150 with sleeves hand printed by the band. They’ve already sold out on the first box set of all nine singles and are working on another box set for everyone who missed out. Today, the band are premiering their single “Pressing Matters” and the B-side “Chimney Sweep” from fellow Australian powerhouse, Nunchukka Superfly, a band that feature Blackie and Ray from Australian punk icons the Hard-Ons.

DEAD describe Nunchukka Superfly as:  “Probably the band we rip off (or at least attempt to) more than any other. The contribution Blackie and Ray have made to music over the last four decades is impossible to overstate or accurately measure. They are always thinking three of four moves ahead while we’re still trying to get our heads around their last release.”

“Pressing Matters” has a classic hardcore punk feel that’s stripped down to the rawest, heaviest elements while still maintaining a strange sense of melody. That’s perfectly complimented by “Chimney Sweep” which is similarly raw and powerful and yet has its own take on a pop hook. Check out the seven-inch below:

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Photo courtesy of DEAD

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