Song Premiere: A Tiger Made of Lightning – “Grungetooth”

Columbus, Ohio’s A Tiger Made of Lightning are back with a new single, “Grungetooth.” The single hits digital streaming platforms on August 29.
“‘Grungetooth’ is about getting out of your own way,” Mike O’Leary says. “Blistering riffs and primal screams capture the anxiety of analysis paralysis that can hinder a person from moving forward. The half-time coda of the song reminds the listener to slow down and allow space to self-reflect. Overall, though, ‘Grungetooth’ was made to melt faces and dole out a gut-punch to your soul. It will inspire you to run Kool-Aid-Man-style through a brick wall and hit your personal record in leg press.”

ATMOL released their first single, “exhausted,” in October 2020 and promptly followed it with a pair of EPs in 2021 and 2022. ATMoL’s sound is reminiscent of the early ’00s special brand of aggressive emo and post-hardcore, which are tempered with uplifting and encouraging lyrics that help empower the listener to focus on what they can control and find fulfillment in their lives.
Catch the band live:
10/14 at Big Room Bar, Columbus, Ohio
11/5 at The Summit Music Hall, Columbus, Ohio
Follow the band here.
Photo by Chandler Moyer
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