Song Premiere: Heat – “Sometimes”

New Noise Magazine is premiering “Sometimes,” a single from the band Heat. The Montreal-based band signed with Topshelf to release their debut, Overnight on Jan 20th. “Sometimes” has a bright texture laced into its sonic palette, blending atmosphere into a vibrant rock song. The amount of layering within the song showcases how Heat are aware of their presence, allowing the song to build and grow organically. Overnight was recorded with Grammy award winning producer Alex Newport (Death Cab, At The Drive In, The Mountain Goats).

Heat offered their thoughts about “Sometimes” by explaining, “To me, the most significant and telling line of the song is, ‘solipsistic, cherry lipstick.’ ‘Sometimes’ is, more or less, about exploring loneliness and introspection in the arms of a lover. Musically, the song began as a very melodic, Big Star-esque piece. As we fleshed it out, the sound became a bit more ragged and sinister with a Modern Lovebeat bringing up the rear. There’s like 5 or 6 guitars going at the end of the song which has definitely pushed us to explore different techniques (looping, etc.) for the live performance.”

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