Song Premiere: Keroscene – “Our Time”

New Noise Magazine is happy to bring the newest single from Keroscene, entitled “Our Time.” The track was recorded with Matt Peel, who’s production credits include Pulled Apart By Horses and Eagulls, and is considered by the band to be the finest distillation of their sound. That’s no joke either, “Our Time” is beautiful in how its a contradicting song sonically. There’s a deep fuzzy root of guitars and grit, yet the song feels airy and dreamy thanks to synthesizers creating atmosphere. The song is a reflection of Keroscene’s time at Unit 4 Warehouse in London, where they recorded “Our Time.”

“Lyrically the song is inspired by everything currently happening in the world around us, both on a societal level with rapid changes in technology and politics and on a personal level. This apparent lack of tangibility of anything genuinely real in our digital world can sometimes make us feel bored and at odds with a sense of cultural stagnation.”

“The lyrics were also heavily inspired by David Foster Wallace’s essay ‘This is Water’. Specifically how our perception of banal cultural platitudes and daily annoyances can be radically altered with a shift in consciousness. Just as we have the power to sulk and get pissed off by every little thing going on, we also have the power to control how it affects us. Despite all the craziness around us, we have the ability to choose how we feel.”


Upcoming Show:
15th March – Montague Arms, London (plus supports Big Bug + Cruelty)

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