Track-By-Track Album Premiere: Night Court – ‘Nervous Birds Too’

Vancouver power trio Night Court are sharing their new LP, Nervous Birds Too, and you can listen to it in full here at New Noise.

The band were born during the lockdowns of 2020, with lifelong friends Jiffy and Dave emailing each other ideas for songs. With Jiffy’s old Tascam four-track and stolen recording software, they began recording what would become Night Court’s relentlessly catchy, debuts: Nervous Birds One and Too. Emilor later joined on drums to perfectly round out the band.

They draw from a wide pool of influences, though their main concern is offering sick melodies through ripping guitar, fuzzed-out bass, and bombastic beats on the drums.

As they gear up to share Nervous Birds Too, the trio sat down for a track-by-track interview of the new LP. Get familiar with the collection of new tracks, and take a listen while you’re here!

“Afraid of the Dark”

Emilor: Doesn’t all the best stuff happen in the dark? Or am I just goth? 

Jiffy: Closest thing to a political song that we’ve written although somewhat unintentional. Keep in mind all of these songs were written during the pandemic, but I’m talking pre-January 6 insurrection and Freedom Convoy etc., so the lyrics may be even more prophetic or poignant now than when they were written.

“Shitty Confidential”

Jiffy: This was actually the first name we used when it was just a recording project, but once we decided it should be a band and needed to convince Emilor to join, we decided it was too swear-y for a band name so it became a song title instead.

Em: I love swearing in songs. 

Dave: I seem to recall Jiffy complaining that he wished he was a better lyricist while we were working on “Shitty Confidential”—then he just put that more poetically into the lyrics. No improvement required!

“The Greatest Dream”

Jiffy: True story: a dream I actually had, and I dare anyone to tell me a better one.

Em: I get this one stuck in my head when I’m trying to sleep. 


Em: When I was a kid, there was an exhibition about the Titanic at the Maritime Museum in Vancouver. I immediately read “A Night To Remember,” watched the movie of the same title, and loved it because I was a weird, morbid kid. Incidentally when I later watched Titanic, which came out on an unheard-of, two-VHS set, I fell asleep during the first tape, woke up, and was like, “Well all the good stuff must happen on the second tape …” watched that, and haven’t  watched it since. 

Jiffy: When we were making the video, Dave kept suggesting Em should paint us in the nude. I only later realized this was a reference to the shitty movie! Needless to say, it never happened anyway since I suffer from the somewhat rare condition of nevernude.

“Kill The Poor”

Em: Shouldn’t it be “Kill the Rich!?” This one has the bit that everyone will sing with us when we reach arena-show-level fame. 

Jiffy: I think you’re confusing Jello with Lemmy?

“Brighten the Corner”

Em: When I joined the band, this song was peak pop perfection, and I felt honored to be part of this cult of catchy hooks. 

Dave: I was watching the Perry Mason reboot. and there was a scene where a church congregation is singing a song about brightening the corner where you are and I liked the sentiment. Not in some libertarian “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” kinda way, but in the sense that when you work towards making yourself happier, a side benefit can be that you make your loved ones happier, as well. Throwing myself back into music has done that for me, and look at how happy Emilor and Jiffy are! 

“Surfin Iona”

Jiffy: A tongue-in-cheek, surf-punk ear worm featuring lead vocals by Emilor to make it sound more like the B-52’s!

Em: It’s literally about a sewage pipe. Do Jiffy and Dave hate me? Hmmmm… Joking aside, we filmed the video at the ACTUAL IONA BEACH. Yes, we are very dedicated to our art. 

“For the Birds”

Dave: This song is about my grandmother. She lived in the Ottawa Valley and would yell at gulls to “go back to the sea,” and I thought that was funny.

Em: Every Canadian band is required to have at least one song about birds, mountains, or some body of water. If you check more than one of those boxes, you get grants, and you might get to be on the CBC. Also, Dave’s grandmother sounds so rad. 

“Sorry Syndrome”

Em: If you didn’t know we’re Canadian, we’re sorry. Apologizing is kind of our thing. 

Jiffy: Total Canadian anthem. My favorite example of this is at skate parks, instead of everyone snaking each other, everyone’s like, “Sorry, go ahead,” and, “No sorry,  you go,” and nobody actually skates! Adversely, it drives me nuts when people don’t do this getting on and off elevators!? “Sorry, let me get off the elevator before you get on, you fucking idiot.”

“No Can Do” 

Em: This is the song where we address the ‘isms’ of society, thus giving us at least 2.25 punk points. 

Dave: Does this qualify as a ska song? If so, does that qualify us as a ska band (and therefore, part of a ska-revival)? 

Jiffy: Wait, ‘isms’ + ska doesn’t = more than two and change??

“Sticks ‘R’ Trees”

Dave: Jiffy and I went swimming one summer, and I made some dumb comment about the trees being stupid, and he asked, “Who put all these sticks in the ground?” and I laughed. You’re seeing a throughline here—If something makes us laugh, it will probably be the next Night Court song.

Em: I imagine myself being a chipmunk when I sing in this song, which makes me laugh, so I guess I’m a good fit for the band. 

“Where’s Waldo”

Em: I don’t know why, but when I first heard this song, it transported me to Smeared-era Sloan which is a wonderful thing. 

Dave: This is secretly my favourite song on this record. Can’t say why exactly… It just does what it’s supposed to do, and I like that.

Jiffy: Many bands strive to achieve a Lennon-McCartney level of songwriting. This song is an example of how we strive for more of a Seinfeld-David level.

Listen to Nervous Birds Too here:

For more from Night Court, find them on Bandcamp, Instagram, and Twitter.
Photo courtesy of Night Court
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