Track-By-Track: Calloway Circus – Entropy

Calloway Circus vocalist Ben McGuiness gave us the rundown on their latest record, Entropy, out February 14.

1. Look What You’ve Done: This song is about dealing with trauma, as is most of Entropy. The point of this song is to highlight the confusion and longing that comes after experiencing a traumatic event, and I wanted this song to basically be an anthem for people with PTSD.

2. Gray continues with the theme of trauma. This song is more of an explanation of my feelings after the damage had been done. It’s kind of a toxic, romance vibe, but ultimately was pretty liberating for me.

3. Backwards is about a relationship that I had that never really felt like it was over. We’d say one thing, like, “It’s over; we’re done,” but then be together the next day. It drove me nuts, so I wrote a song about it.

4. Lose Your Mind: This song is interesting because it’s essentially a song about songwriting. I feel absolutely invincible when I have the freedom to create, and sometimes knowing that creative space exists can make ordinary life mundane and difficult. Getting lost in music has always been the best therapy for me, so I always wanted a song about exactly that.

5. Oxygen is the sweetest song I’ve ever written. I wrote it about a girl that I met when I was very young and had a very cliche and storybook romance with, and I think the track really conveys the emotions I was feeling as I was writing it. If you’ve ever met someone that felt perfect from the beginning, this song is for you.

6. Mess: I always have a hard time talking about ‘Mess.’ There was a time where I was in a really dark place, and to be honest, wasn’t good to anybody, in particular the girls I was dating. This song became my best way to apologize, as I was just trying to get myself together. It’s important for me to say that this song doesn’t excuse my behavior; it just helps me deal with it better.

7. Tired Eyes: During the writing process of Entropy, my connecting flight home from Charlotte, NC left without me on the plane. So I’m 19 years old, stranded in a city I’ve never been in, and it’s 2 a.m., and everything is closed. I got a hotel room and just cried and cried, and eventually, I sat down and wrote the chorus for ‘Tired Eyes,’ and when I got back to the studio, we built a song around it. It is probably one of my favorites I’ve written.

8. Unpredictable is about losing somebody who was a big part of your life. Either they’re gone forever or at least not in your life anymore. I really wanted this song to speak to people, as I wrote it about losing a relationship with my best friend. I looked to modern emo icons like Lil Peep and nothing, nowhere for the first half of the song, but then looked back to my roots of My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday to make the end of the song as emotional as possible.

9. If I Called was a song I wrote when I was 16 and originally appeared on one the albums that’s no longer available. It’s about longing for somebody in your life to help you when you feel all alone. We decided to add it to Entropy, as it seemed to resonate with people, and I’ve never really heard any kind of song like it.

10. Kind to Myself: This is the song that started it all. When I was working on the demos that would become Entropy, I was in the darkest space I’ve ever been in. I was not living my values, not treating myself right; basically everything was horrible. One night, I wrote what would become the chorus to this song, and suddenly, the spark was back, and I found my purpose and myself again. I wanted this song to be the last thing people hear on the record because I think this is the most important message we need to hear right now; be kind to yourself.

Snag the record here. 

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