Track-By-Track: Grist Mil – Young Dudley

Grist Mil’s new EP Young Dudley, out April 17, is perfect for this week, all about turning the negative into the positive. He gave us a breakdown of each song on the record.

“I endured many changes over the last few years and struggled to find my place in society,” explains Derrick Sherman, the man behind the Grist Mil name. “I was able to turn a lot of unfortunate situations into positive outcomes. These songs, these sessions, are my therapy tapes.

“It helped me heal and be reborn. Every day, I try to make an effort to advance my life and those around me to be slightly better than it was the day before. If these songs help someone through a hard time, or inspire them to create, then that’s grist for the mill.

Collapse Into Nowhere
“I find myself needing to be near water often. The ocean for example, can give you new life or connect you to memories you once forgot. This song’s intention was for me to find a way to cope with the loss of someone very dear to me. Water seemed like the appropriate place to find myself, love, and this person.”

Cerulean Blue
“I wrote this song while I was very sick one winter. A fever can be intoxicating and allow you to be less restrictive when creating. I was too weak to leave the bed and recorded the entire home demo from my bed and laptop.”

Sea of Trees
“‘Sea of Trees’ is a death fantasy and, in many ways, a love song. There is a character in this song that audibly struggles to make its way to the forefront. It never quite gets there, but it does at times take hold of the main character. I wanted this struggle to echo some things I was dealing with in real life.

High Times
“This was me confronting myself and dealing with the fact that I’m not proud of how I treat the ones I love. I tend to hurt them the most and spend many hours regretting and reflecting on who I can be and why.”

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