Track-By-Track: House & Home – Find Sense. Feel Love. Make Light.

House & Home just released their debut record, Find Sense. Feel Love. Make Light. via Open Your Ears Records. They gave us the inside scoop about each track on the album. 


“This song is about the fact that even though it may not be practical or secure, being in a band is the only thing any of us have ever really wanted to do.  It’s dirty; it’s tough, and it’s a strain on many aspects of your life, but it’s the only thing we want to spend our lives doing.

“’Heatseeker’ is all about the realization that the music industry, and sometimes life in general, can be pretty unforgiving. People want to step on you and take advantage of you, but it can serve as motivation to push even harder, and the song is all about the process we went through to get to that mindset.

“‘Wander’ was written after coming home from our first tour as a band. We had the time of our lives, but felt very out of place and uncomfortable when we got home, and we just wanted to get back out on the road.”

Find Sense
“This song was written about learning things about yourself that you don’t necessarily like and aren’t familiar with. Things like struggles with mental health are being talked about more openly, but it doesn’t change the fact that admitting you’re not okay is never easy.” 

Shrunken Head
“’Shrunken Head’ is a song all about cutting your teeth as a DIY band and the self doubt that comes from being on the road putting your blood, sweat, and tears into something to sometimes see very little in return. It’s a labor of love, and the song serves as a reminder to us that even though it can be a long, rough road, hard work can and will pay off.

Feel Love
“This song is a retrospective about watching someone you love go through struggles with their health. When you’re young and something like that happens, you don’t know how to process it. When you’re more mature and you look back, it’s a scary feeling to realize how close you came to losing someone close to you.”

“‘Burn’ was written in the studio with producer Will Beasley. It’s about how we were starting to realize that all of our idols associated with music ended up struggling in their own ways associated with their career, or worse, dead. We may be signing up for struggles of our own, but it doesn’t change how bad we want this.

Pocket Knife
“This song is a little bit of a departure for us. It’s about coming to terms with all those times you let people walk all over you and all the times that you didn’t say what you know you should have. It’s about finding your voice and promising yourself you’re going to use it.”

Make Light.
“‘Make Light.’ is a sort of culmination of all the themes on the album. It’s important to acknowledge the things you’re going through and the way they’re affecting you and those around you so you can pull yourself out of your own head.”

“‘Cathedral’ is about living for the life that you have, not anticipating what comes after. We’ve got an opportunity to chase the things we want, and we’re determined not to waste it.”

Get the album here. 

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