Track By Track: Last Wishes – ‘Organized Hate’

Originally formed in Northern Ireland and now based in Leeds, U.K., Last Wishes are sharing their newest LP, Organized Hate.

The band use the 10, in-your-face tracks on the record to commentate through life experiences, pain, and anguish in a way listeners can relate to. Last Wishes completely self-produced the album, which was mixed and mastered by Terror drummer, Nick Jett.

The band are set to play Outbreak Festival in the U.K. on June 24—with acts like Knocked Loose, Terror and Madball—alongside plans to play more shows across Europe this summer.

Fresh off the release of the new album, New Noise caught up with Last Wishes vocalist Corin for more insight via a track-by-track review of Organized Hate. Take a look, and take a listen while you’re at it!

Track by Track from vocalist Corin:

  1. “Headcount” – Intro
  2. “Bring The Chaos” – Musically being an energetic and structurally chaotic song, I wanted the lyrics to represent that. The first thing that came to mind was people that imitate others to get ahead in life, that lie through their teeth to fit a narrative they think will suit them.
  3. “Loyalty” – This song is about staying true to your friends, laying the foundations of what hardcore means to me. Also giving respect when respect is due—That is a value I was taught growing up.
  4. “Your Worst Enemy” – This song is about overcoming your inner demons, facing your fears, standing up to people who try and test you in life, basically making yourself an enemy of all fake, simple-minded people that judge you or underestimate you.
  5. “Forced into Sin” – This is a song about knowing that throughout your whole life, you have been rejected from society but accepting that, because there is no place for you in society anyway. Choosing to live on your own terms, which some people may not understand. Metaphorically living in sin, by not following social norms.
  6. “Street Knowledge” – This song is about sheltered people who believe the world owes them something, who may look down on others for having less than them, but they are not equipped with the mental tools to face the hardships that come with life, and that bury their heads in the sand or cower away when met with hard or dangerous situations. It is my belief that in these situations, they should be shown no mercy, due to their ignorance and selfishness for other people’s circumstances.
  7. “UTH” –  This song is about finding common ground with others, who have also been dealt a bad hand by life. It can be easy to hold on to hateful feelings towards society and life in general, but it’s better not to let them consume you or hold you back.
  8. “Organized H8” – This is the title track of the record. I wanted to tell a story with this song, about underprivileged kids who are brought into gang life, specifically about relatives close to me who were vulnerable and are now trapped in this way of life. I wanted people to relate to it regardless of where they are from, and the cold reality that once you’re involved with gangs/paramilitaries you can’t get out, no matter how much you may want to. Which is how I came up with Organized Hate for the record. Where I’m from the police, gangs, even politicians and media serve the same agenda. Every part of the system is in on it and they all work together to keep everyone distracted by telling them to hate each other.
  9. “Disconnect” – This song is about feeling mentally in distress, and the psychological effect trauma can have on you and trying to combat this.
  10. “In Remembrance” – This song is about mourning the loss of loved ones and what happens after death. Not in a religious way but more out of curiosity in hopes that there is a place for us to find peace.

Preorder the CD here, and listen to Organized Hate in full below:

For more from Last Wishes, find them on Instagram and Spotify.

Photo courtesy of Nat Wood

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