Track-By-Track: Loser Points – Games We Play To Hide

Loser Points’ new EP Games We Play To Hide, out now via Thousand Island Records, is sad, funny, and relatable. Check out a track-by-track breakdown of the new record.

Games We Play To Hide
“This song was intended to be written as if I were pitching it to John Feldmann (I did not pitch it to John Feldmann). Obviously a big fan of what he’s done with Blink-182 and Goldfinger in the past few years. Did I succeed? Well, Mr. Feldmann has not been in contact to confirm or deny its efficacy.

“A lot of people seemed to be dealing with separating what people see on social media from what happens in day-to-day life, and we weren’t being any better within the group. It’s fun to share successes, but it makes you feel like, what are you doing wrong that YOU aren’t constantly posting successes every day?

“This song is a reminder that everyone takes a poop every day, and very few people are using that as their marquee content. It’s a lot easier to navigate through the social media world knowing that it is mostly a highlight reel, and that the benign, daily, and ugly probably isn’t getting proportionate screen time.” 

Where Did All of My Money Go?
“Our bass player Dave and I had an (ongoing) series of going to shows and having a few cocktails. After one of these excursions (was it the Belvedere show? The Nielsens show? Ask me about both of them in person), I got up the next morning, looked at my wallet, looked at Dave, and said, ‘Oh no! Where did all my money go?!’ Then I remembered that we played it on the online casino for action bank slot and won big. We just forgot to transfer the money we won to his bank account.

“Hey Sherlock, maybe it was on the $4 shot special at the bar next door. This song and ‘Games’ took about a combined 10 minutes to write. Almost feels like cheating sometimes.”

“This song should have been called Fetch, as in stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen. This song has been beaten through so many versions, melody changes, harmonies, different lyrics … is this the time it catches on? The solo Kurt wrote for it is just so good. This song is about cookies. No, not that kind. The other kind.”

“This song was written back in our yelly-screamy days. I’d never demoed a vocal track for it, but everyone just assumed it would be some sort of overtly aggressive take. Boy, did I show them! I realized that having basically one note for a verse wasn’t inherently a-melodic, but left a lot of room to put a strong vocal melody in.

“Kurt showed up big again with the solo. This has a deceptively simple structure, and weirdly, I think it has a stronger verse than chorus. These kinds of obvious follies are what happens when you don’t reach out to John Feldmann.” 

Nostalgia As A Drug
“I wanted to have a song that was like Muse, so I wrote a song that was like Muse. The chorus was kicking around from an old demo, put a Refused-inspired bridge in, and boom, you have a song.

“This song is a call to Michael Bay to stop making god-awful remakes of things that were great/better left alone in my childhood. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Listen to the lyrics. It’s all there. It could also be about not that. Don’t let me tell you how to interpret art.”

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