Track-By-Track: Picturesque – ‘Do You Feel O.K?’

Picturesque released their new album Do You Feel O.K? April 24, and gave us a rundown of what each song means to them.

“Necessary” is about the first time Kyle decided to put himself back out there and be vulnerable after a very difficult breakup. He had been through a few flings and found someone that he was willing to invest in. They had a great weekend of dates, and then they just disappeared. Of course, social media being what it is, it didn’t take long for him to realize they had moved on to someone else.

Sometimes, you are lonely and just need someone to pass the time with. “ATTN:” is an attempt at being clear and honest in the dating scene about your intentions.

“Swipe” is a song where we address how toxic the current dating scene can be. Dating in 2020 caters to instant gratification and quantity over quality relationships.

With the song “Crimes,” we wanted to stretch our creative muscles and take some risks. We tackled some familiar subject matter by making alcohol the centerpiece of the song.

“Prisoner” is a very strange-but-true story of a time the band, specifically Kyle, was being spied on. Members of the band rented a commercial space to serve as the hub for a lot of band activity and storage. Due to a heavy touring schedule, Kyle was forced to live in the space, which was not zoned for residential living.

The business owner next door came up with elaborate ways to break and enter to keep an eye on things, hence sending Kyle into a state of paranoia.  This also set us up to draw a lot of parallels to other, more common struggles people may have experienced. Ultimately Kyle saved up and moved out; the band still has control of the property, but the strange neighbor has since moved out.

“O.k?” is about physically and introspectively looking at yourself in a mirror while you are too drunk to stand and not liking what you see.

Holding Me Down
“Holding Me Down” is about a particular set of late-night encounters. Time spent with the wrong person will hold you back in more ways than one. Love, family, friends, career can all suffer when someone metaphorically or literally pins you down.

Glass House

“Glass House” is about falling into self destructive habits instead of breaking the cycle. Once something is broken, it’s easy to let it slip into disrepair.

We released “Pray” a year-and-a-half ago, and it address some dating turmoil Kyle was going through at the time. It was a turning point for the band sonically. It in many ways was a song that saved the band. It gave us a new drive and a new audience to create for.

Say It Like You Mean It
This is probably one of the most unique songs on the record. It’s super stripped and has a pretty modern production. Most of our songs are really aggressive and in-your-face. For this one, we took our time and tried to let the listener build to the climax.

Day By Day
“Day By Day” is a song written from the personal experience of someone I love’s struggle and my decision to support them through it one day at a time.
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