Track Premiere: Animal Scream – ‘Station To Station’

Animal Scream’s “Station To Station,” from their forthcoming record Nightwalk, out soon via American Hermitage.

“The objective was to create a demented lost at sea album of two friends in a fragile state, fighting our way out of dark limbo, and to that end, we succeeded,” the band says. “Josh likes to call our genre ‘Evil Motown.’ If you gathered up Prince, Roy Orbison, Thom Yorke, and Misfits-era Glenn Danzig as the house band at the Bang Bang Bar in Twin Peaks, that’s often what our album sounds like.

“I enjoyed trying on different personalities, writing from two very different points of views to interpret those unique experiences. It was also fun creating an album cover that captured that spirit like some strange work of fiction looking like a paperback novel straight from a noir/horror section of some abandoned used book store. Nightwalk, our debut LP, will be available as a digital and vinyl release on our American Hermitage label July 24.”

Funneling personal stories into broad motifs, “Station to Station” is wildly experimental yet deeply accessible in both sound and theme, teasing a surrealist edge while remaining grounded in iconic rock sounds and thundering drums. Laughing throughout a track list of tremendous, ethereal ups and downs, their new album, Nightwalk is Animal Scream at their most refined: electric and sharply dramatic in moments of cartwheeling bravado while remaining flowery and exposed in its rawest moments.

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