Track Premiere: Art Contest – “A Large, White Vase”

If music was literally a competition, you can bet the Georgia based math rock and noise boys of Art Contest would be contenders. These guys have a new album that will be dropping on November 6 on Sludge Country Records and it is already gearing up to be a doozy!

New Noise have an exclusive premiere for you today, a cut off of Art Contest’s upcoming album Fit Pitcher called “A Large, White Vase.” It’s an esoteric and explosive pop earthquake which you can jump into below:

If your mind is a little blown, let frontman Cole Monroe help you put it back together with a couple of words of explanation below:

“‘A Large, White Vase’ is an observation and written consequence of internal and external conflicts of interest. In this song, we are addressing fragility redirected into force. A large, white vase, made of porcelain is nice and fragile. It can be used to concuss another with the correct pitch and motivation. This is the opening track to Fit Pitcher, a fragile moment in which we are introducing the band as we are now. We decided to approach it hard and fast.”

To give you a little more of a preview of the album, the band offered the following:

‘Fit Pitcher’—one who pitches a fit, an ideal communicator, an in-shape sports player. Fit Pitcher is a practice of translating energy into focused expression. It is a celebration of calmness and collection found at the center point of purpose, like an eye of a storm formed at the meeting of its wild arms.

Our arms met at this album. Fit Pitcher materialized in tumultuous times for the four of us: living through our 20s in the United States. We are loud boys in a loud world. As a result of focus, we made Fit Pitcher, a clear and concise eight songs with noticeable energy packed in. It truly became a vessel for us, something sturdy enough to handle large amounts of energy while maintaining direction and purpose. We hope it can do the same for you.

As previously mentioned, Fit Pitcher will be out on Sludge Country Records in November and will be the label’s first official release.

Photo by Cole Monroe

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