Track Premiere: Astronaut – ‘Amazing’

Danish band Astronaut follow up on their debut album with a new single, “Amazing,” recorded in collaboration with star-producer Claudius Mittendorfer (Arctic Monkeys, Temples, Johnny Marr).

In April 2019, the band released their debut album, Silence One. After a series of good reviews and five-starred live shows in their native country, Astronaut now look further ahead with their new single and experiment with synths and drum machines. 


“While mixing Silence One in London, I remember playing a new song on the piano,” Martin Zeppelin, lead vocalist, says. “Claudius (Mittendorfer)
 asked me why it wasn’t on the album. At that time, it wasn’t finished; the lyrics just weren’t there yet.
“’It’s amazing,’ he said, and that line kind of stuck with me. Later on, the song got a more serious twist, when I realized the lyrics were about an old friend, who left without saying goodbye. We felt that the song was different from the ones on Silence One, but once it was finished, we knew that this would be our next release.“

“It was just such an incredible opportunity to work with these talented people in British Grove,” added Rio Bravo, guitarist. “We were told that The Rolling Stones recorded there 14  hours before we got there, and we really got the feeling that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us. We did two songs from Silence One and one new song, and we’re so pleased with the result and thankful for working with such talented people.” 

Photo by Peer Jon Ørsted 

Check them out and hear more on Soundcloud. 

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