Track Premiere: Australasia – ‘Perdere’

Australasia is the sound universe of Italian multi-instrumentalist Gian Spalluto who, with the help of other musicians and collaborators, translates stories, feelings, and thoughts, in an inner musical diary, almost completely instrumental.

New Noise are proud to premiere Spalluto’s latest single, “Perdere,” below:

Spalluto’s music assimilates a passion for very different artists. It starts from the love for the soundtracks of Angelo Badalamenti and John Carpenter, metabolizing them through the sounds of bands like Red Sparrows, Russian Circles and Slowdive. The taste for refined melody is combined with cascades of distorted guitars and layered delays, where dark and melancholic passages result in dramatic moments or bright visions of wide-ranging.

Spalluto fell in love with music at the age of seven, when he pressed the “play” button on his parents’ stereo and discovered Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks. He studied piano for a while, then played guitar in underground bands of metal and stoner rock.

One day, Spalluto fractured his foot and, during his convalescence, began writing instrumental pieces, creating Australasia, where he takes refuge from everyday anxieties, transforming imaginary oceans and night forests inhabited by bizarre creatures into music.

On the track’s release, Spalutto states:

“We’ve just released ‘Perdere,’ a new single where post-rock and blackgaze sounds are mixed with poignant atmospheres inspired by the soundtracks of Angelo Badalamenti. ‘Perdere’ (To Lose) is the first of a cycle of tracks that will be released independently over the next few months and that collects impressions and thoughts, between hope for the future and fear for a world that will probably never come back.”

Purchase and stream “Perdere” here.

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