Track Premiere: Avem – ‘Bower Of Love’

Birdcore pop punk band Avem hail from the idyllic countryside of southern Ontario, Canada. Their lyrical themes are the experiences of birds and humans. What makes it interesting is that the songs are told as through the perspective of the birds.

Their sound is energetic punk mixed with melodies, which will urge you to listen to their songs repeatedly. The energetic tracks deal with addiction, climate change, sex, and loss. Avem will drop their EP Nerdin About Birdin on April 3. Through the EP, Avem truly come into their own unique sound. They are sharing one of the tracks from the upcoming EP, “Bower Of Love.”

Listen to the track on YouTube:

According to the press release:

“’Bower of Love’ is a ’50’s rocknroll inspired song written about a proud bowerbird showing off his masterpiece. He is confident he will land a mate with what he’s built and is singing it to the world.

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Photo courtesy of Avem

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