Track Premiere: Bacchae – ‘Hammer’

Bacchae’s new track “Hammer,” out March 6 on their forthcoming record Pleasure Vision via Get Better Records, encourages you to take back the power of your childhood.


“For me, the lyrics are about feeling powerless as a child and then growing up and slowly realizing that childhood trauma can be surpassed,” the band says. “It’s about the exhilaration of realizing that you can exist how you want instead of continuing to follow a script that you were forced into.

“I spent a lot of time thinking about being bullied in elementary school and the church I grew up in. I always felt so small and trapped when I was there, and going back there around the holidays was really painful when I was a teenager and young adult, but now, when I return to those buildings, I feel larger than everything that happened there. Musically, we all feel like this song was a lot of fun to write together because the melody is very bouncy and bright.”

Pleasure Vision is a way of looking at the world that ignores everything but how you can twist it to your own purposes. It’s a vision that’s well-suited to a time when everything and everyone is supposed to be for sale. As the inkblots on the cover imply, this is an album about what you project onto what you see, not the things themselves. It’s about the distance between what you say, what you think you want, and what you actually want.

Preorder the album here. 

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