Video Premiere: BADGUYSWIN – ‘Honey Bucket’

BADGUYSWIN just released a new record, Cowards, via Waterlow Audio. “Honey Bucket” is the dark, rock single to set the tone for your weekend.

“This tune has a heavier feel and a dark narrative,” the band explains. “We wanted to represent an internal struggle in the video adaption and needed an actor to properly portray the concept. Not only did our friend Pat Peeve from ExPain step up to the plate and provide an incredible thespian performance but he also gave us the privilege of using his home as the video shoot location. Pat absolutely nailed it. It’s a very wild, cinematic story. The ending took a lot of guts and was a one-take situation which he executed like a pro.”

Featuring three out of four members from technical metal band Slagduster, BADGUYSWIN shows off their original roots in music, the grunge era of the 90s where they would glue themselves to the stereo for hours. The members of BADGUYSWIN also all grew up together in the same small town and have been playing music together in various ways for 15 years.

The band’s debut, full-length Cowards was written to give the listener an experience that doesn’t repeat itself over 12 tracks.

Preorder the album here. 

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