Track Premiere: Ben Katzman – ‘No Posers Allowed’

Ben Katzman is sharing his new track “No Posers Allowed,” a speed metal number that conveys the message of being true to oneself.

Listen to the track here:

Ben Katzman shares his thoughts:

“‘No Posers Allowed’” is a speed metal mantra rooted in being true to yourself. Rather than placing blame on the outside world for your problems, “No Posers” grips the personal accountability of showing up for yourself when the going gets rough and aligning with your higher path when it’s time to get tough.”

With many years of experience in his bag, Ben Katzman is a proud veteran in the music industry. He is the mastermind behind the shred-tacular metal act DeGreaser. Katzman has collaborated with artists such as Guerilla Toss, Mannequin Pussy, and Colleen Green, etc. Katzman has also launched his record label BUFU Records. The new 7-track album Transcendental Shreditation also depicts transforming the energy from negative to positive.

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Photo courtesy of Leeanne Drucker

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