Track Premiere: Bestial Mouths – ‘(A) Siren Call’ Ft. Void Vision

Bestial Mouths announced the release of a collaborative album, featuring some of the most prominent names in the goth, post-punk, and new wave music scenes. Crafted during a year of unavoidable introspection, THOUSANDNEEDLES, out May 5, is an album of remixes and reinterpretations where artists such as Light Asylum, Adult, Ash Code, and more share their remakes of some of Bestial Mouths‘ iconic songs.  

The first offering of the record is “(A) Siren Call” by Void Vision, the electronic project by Philadelphia-based musician Shari Vari. New Noise are proud to premiere “(A) Siren Call” below:

A soul-stirring remake of the song included in Bestial Mouths last album RESURRECTEDINBLACK. In this new version, Shari keeps the medieval spirit of the song adding layers of darkwave synths and Void Vision’s signature obscure electronic accents.   

On crafting the remake track, Vari (Void Vision) states:

“It was an honor and pleasure for me to be asked to remix Bestial Mouths. As someone who has known Lynette for over a decade, I’ve always been in awe of her banshee-like voice and powerful presence, and as someone with eclectic musical taste, It was also fun for me to be able to play in sonic territory that goes beyond what I normally do with Void Vision.

This particular song stuck out to me on the album. I didn’t want to ruin its rawness and emotional atmosphere by trying to turn it into a 4/4 dancefloor hit, but I did want to experiment with some rhythmic elements. It was difficult to find the right balance. The end result is something that I think juxtaposes beauty and harshness and marries them together.”

From their inception in 2009, the core root of Bestial Mouths has combined Lynette Cerezo’s voice with myriad genre influences across the spectrum of goth, industrial, post-punk, new wave, noise, metal, and other underground sounds using live acoustic and electronic drums and analog synthesizers. With a history in fashion design and gender activism, Cerezo’s visual and social aesthetics are interwoven deeply into Bestial Mouth’s presentation, building outward into captivating theatrical live performances.


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