Track Premiere: Binary Drift – ‘Velvet Hearts’

Binary Drift, or Madrid singer/songwriter Mauricio Yrivarren, is sharing the new indie pop single, “Velvet Hearts,” and you can take a listen right here at New Noise.

The track come from Binary Drift’s second album, Mortido. Yrivarren says that he was heavily influenced by the U.K. “Britpop” sound, which is evident as you listen to his releases.

Yrivarren and producer Josemi Sánchez agreed that a palette of classic rock sounds and tones would best suit “Velvet Hearts,” opening with grand piano, guitar, bass, drums, and tambourine, gradually introducing listeners to the rest of the song. Yrivarren and Sánchez aimed to give “Velvet Hearts” a classic feel and capture the spirit of writers like Lennon and McCartney.

Yrivarren chats more about the track:

“’Velvet Hearts’ is undoubtedly a Britpop song. Written on a sunny afternoon, this is the song that Liam wished Noel had written and Noel wishes Liam would sing. I got into playing music in my early teens (mid-90s) and I was heavy into Oasis who ruled the airwaves then and have been a major influence ever since. I hadn’t played my first guitar, passed down from my uncle, in a long time, and when I got it out of its case all these memories of getting together with friends as a teenager and trying to figure out chords and melodies came back to me. I wanted to capture those memories in writing. ‘Velvet Hearts’ is about the power of friendship and the importance of staying true to oneself”.

Listen to “Velvet Hearts” here:

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Photo courtesy of Binary Drift
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