Track Premiere: Blame Baby – ‘Silhouette’

L.A.-based indie rock trio Blame Baby are set to release their second single of 2020, “Silhouette”—an exhilarating ode to a girl, who, as the band describe her, “only calls after 11 p.m.”

Their follow-up to “The Floor” finds them coming out of existential anxiety and falling headlong into the unbridled obsession of a secret love affair. The band have honed their punk-inflected sound and produced a dreamy, power-pop romp that perfectly showcases the song’s themes of longing, tension and playfulness.

Singer/guitarist Jesse Johnson leans into the song with refreshingly optimistic conviction, while bandmates Omar D Brancato and Matt Tucci share that focus on bass and drums, respectively. “Silhouette” was produced by Frederick Thaae (Kate Nash, Saint Motel, The Glorious Sons), and will be available digitally on July 24.

Says founder/vocalist/guitarist Jesse Johnson,  “’Silhouette’ is about incomplete relationships, the tense push and pull of secret lovers, and the phenomenon of explosive human chemistry. Embedded in the shoegaze-inspired tune is a structure that mirrors this tension and release.

“Tight, staccato rhythms launching into soaring distorted guitars underpin a longing and lascivious dreamscape.  ‘Silhouette’ is one of the most beautiful sounding words, all at once evoking feelings of fantasy and playfulness with mystery and darkness. For this very reason, the song began with the title, and then it wrote itself.”

Presave the single here. 

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